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World-1st NDI® PAN/TILT Head


First high bandwidth NDI® Robotic PAN/TILT Head

Salrayworks introduces N BOT, the world's first NDI® motorized camera head for Cinema Camera, Camcorder, and DSLR. and Your NDI remote production with a 35mm full frame camera.
• The NDI® hardware (silicon-based) achieves about 140Mbit at 1080p60 and is visually lossless.
• Power (PoE+) and NDI stream through an Ethernet cable. The camera's zoom-in-out, focus and IRIS can be controlled remotely using the LANC input. N BOT simplifies video streaming with cableless.
• It stores and recalls up to 10 positions with a precision less than 0.1 degrees. Whether at the studio or on the stage, memorizes the previous location with extreme accuracy and immediately begins shooting.



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